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Alongside the growth and expansion of our parent company, PSC Corporation Ltd, we have grown and nurtured many proprietary and agency brands that have become household names in Singapore, such as Royal Umbrella, Golden Peony, Golden Circle, Gitangkim, Okome, Harmuni, Soyalite, Promax and more.

Tapping into the strong support network and resources of PSC Corporation Ltd, Topseller is well-positioned to develop markets and distribute consumer brands in Singapore. We have the experience and intuition for understanding consumer and market needs.

Our strengths lie in the value-added services that we can provide such as:

Sales Management & Merchandising
Brand Management & Marketing
Logistics & Warehousing
Service From The Heart


Sales Management & Merchandising

Topseller bridges the distance between brands and consumers through our capable and knowledgeable teams, servicing an island-wide retail network.

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  • Experienced and passionate sales, category management and merchandising teams ensure brands are distributed through various channels and achieve maximum exposure
  • Extensive distribution network including, but not limited to:
    • General Retail Trade
    • High Traffic Outlets
    • Convenience Stores
    • Pharmacies, Medical Halls

Brand Management & Marketing

Let our creative marketing team add value to your brand’s unique selling position.Copy of brand mgt

  • Our marketing team will map dynamic strategies that bring out the best in your brand.
  • Numerous house and agency brands have been nurtured and reinforced as market leaders and trusted household names. Some of these include: Royal Umbrella, Golden Peony, Golden Circle, and Harmuni rice and cooking oil.

Logistics & Warehousing

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We have efficient processes in place and facilities in warehousing, inventory management and transportation.

  • Organised storage system and facilities
  • Island-wide distribution and transport network

Service From The Heart

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Topseller promises you our utmost commitment and dedication to build your brand. Our passion for service excellence is reflected in our willingness to work with our customers and principals to meet their individual needs.

Be assured that your brand is in good hands as we nurture it into the rightful “Topseller” that it should be.reflected in our willingness to work with our customers and principals to meet their individual needs.

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