Harmuni brand was first established in the market by Topseller, with the introduction of Harmuni Beras Wangi (Harmuni Fragrant Rice). The name is synonymous with the word Harmony which means cooperation, Unity and Fellowship; are values that are highly regarded in the Malay community as demonstrated in their “Kampong Spirit”.

Harmuni Fragrant Rice is specially selected from 100% Thai Hom Mali crop that’s harvested once a year from North-eastern and Northern regions of Thailand. Every grain of Harmuni Fragrant Rice is milled and processed under most stringent quality controls by rice experts to achieve its unique aroma, soft texture and superior taste that is well-liked among the Malay community. Building on the success of the Harmuni rice, Harmuni Vegetable Oil and Harmuni Sugar were introduced shortly after to cater to the needs of the Malay community.

Harmuni vegetable oil is specially formulated for deep frying. It makes your fried foods perfectly crispy and crunchy on the outside yet remains soft and tender inside! It is naturally cholesterol free and trans-fat as well as halal certified to cater to our Malay community.

It also carries the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification to support the initiative in putting the environmental aspect and lower carbon footprint at the forefront to promote better social well-being and a more sustainable environment.

Harmuni refined white sugar is made of 100% pure cane sugar, dissolves quickly and effortlessly to sweeten food and drinks.